“True friends are never apart. Maybe in distance, but never in heart” this quotation symbolizes the friendship we have with the Taiwanese Campers. They may be far from us but because of the friendship we built when they were here, they will never be apart from our hearts.

In the 2016 Taichung Pangasinan Work Camp, I must say that I really had fun. Even if there were times that I wanted to give up on the construction work because of the pain I felt while carrying heavy objects, I still stayed. If you ask me why I stayed? It is because of the people that surrounded me. They inspired me to work hard, to not give up easily and to be strong.

Kristen Bacani

I had my “first times” here in this work camp like carrying hollow blocks, carrying cement, sing in front of many people even if I am hoarse and speaking in English continuously. Kidding aside, I am so thankful that they let me join this Work Camp. If not, I would probably still be the lazy Kristen Claire Z. Bacani that my parents knew.

Honestly, after that work camp, my parents can now command me to do household chores. Before, I was the type of daughter who always goes outside to meet friends, to have practice, to do project in my classmate’s house and goes home late at night. So obviously, I wasn’t fond of doing household chores. Yet, because of the work camp, they can now command me to wash the dishes and many more. I’ve changed, really.

That is what I have observed from myself- I’ve changed physically, mentally and spiritually. If you compare Kristen Claire before this camp started, she is the one who always think of the future, always think of negative thoughts and can’t carry heavy objects. I am a lot better now and it was because of the YMCA.

So, I thank God that He let YMCA Pangasinan empower young people like me. He used YMCA Pangasinan to be an inspiration and an instrument for us young people. I can now say that YMCA of Pangasinan is successful in changing us into a better person. Well, they are always successful in changing a person to be better.

As a sign of gratitude for what you did for me, I promise that I will apply the lessons I’ve learned in this 2016 Taichung-Pangasinan Work Camp in my life. Thank you for giving me another family.

“In this family we work hard” (Colossians 3:23) , this bible verse is suited for us because we really worked hard for that plant box we did in Bolosan Elementary School. Again, thank you for bringing out the best in me. I hope and pray that this is not my first and last work camp.

God bless!

Written by: Kristen Claire Z. Bacani of YMCA of Pangasinan


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