Global Alternative Tourism Network is an initiative of the Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs that seek to introduce a new kind of tourism- a tourism that is beneficial to the local community and meaningful to the travelers. Following the CHANGE Principle, the GATN visions to consolidate together into a common advocacy of promoting responsible and sustainable tourism the YMCA related programs such as bilateral exchange, service learnings, and work camp among others.

The GATN CHANGE Principle

  • Community-centered
  • Holistic in approach
  • Advocates Global Citizenship and Global Networking
  • Nature Sensitive
  • Gender and Child Sensitive
  • Economically Viable

In its pursuit to expand the advocacy of changing the status quo of tourism into a more responsible and sustainable one, it has been realized that telling the story is an important step for it is the stories that will be passed and it is in the stories that experiences will be re-lived.

The GATN Stories is a platform to share experiences and encounters with local communities, hosts, travelers, and the program itself. It dares to look into the thoughts and realizations of the people who have been part of the program. Through this, we hope to tell what GATN is and why alternative tourism matters.

For those who have stories to tell, send an email to karrenf@asiapacificymca.org


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